Weight loss tips

Obesity is one of the most common conditions / diseases of the 21st century and many people fight it. Obesity is most often the result of excessive food intake, reduced physical activity and consumption of industrially processed foods, and only a small part of obesity cases are related to other factors such as genetics and other metabolic disorders. For all those who have a problem with excess weight due to the first three factors listed, here are some tips on how to successfully deal with excess weight

– Reserve one day a week for fruits and vegetables, i.e. for raw food. That day, you can eat only fruits and vegetables (a few nuts and seeds, about 100 g), and regarding liquids, consume only water.

– Skip the late dinner or replace it with a vegetable salad.

– As regards liquids, drink plenty of water and only water, at least 1.5 to 2 liters per day.

– Eat more fruits and vegetables, and less from other foods.

– Snacks and sweets are unhealthy foods.

– Cook the meals with less oil or add the oil at the end, do not add roux when cooking, and also reduce the amount of added oil in salads.

– Try to start exercising, at least an hour of walking would be enough in the beginning.

– Do not measure your weight every day – you did not gain weight overnight, nor will you lose weight overnight, give yourself at least a week to notice results.

– Give up or minimize high-calorie products and empty calories, i.e. high-fat dairy and meat products, and fast food.

– Do not skip breakfast in order to eat less food during the day, it is always smarter to have a good breakfast, and dinner should be left out.

– Start the day with water only (or water with added lemon, ginger, linseed oil / seed…).

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