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The experience has shown that free materials (such as books, brochures, DVDs, or any other type of materials) are a crucial factor for directing people to Christ, for their salvation. This feature of your website provides your visitors an opportunity to receive gifts from your local church. It’s not only about the fact that the content is of great importance, but also the channels of communication that will be established when people from your church (who can be the pastor, an elder, or any other church representative) reach those people in the comfort of their homes, thus opening the doors for witnessing, empowered by the Holy Spirit.

1. Beyond Disaster

What’s going on? Where are we headed? Is anyone in control? Beyond Disaster explores environmental, social and financial events to reveal the bigger picture that unites them all. From deforestation of the Amazon to moral degeneration of society, from the food crisis in your local supermarket to the future fears of Wall Street, Beyond Disaster uncovers an epic story that gives hope to a world in crisis.

2. Beyond Conflict

Deadly conflicts are occurring on almost every continent, but these wars are the consequence of a bigger struggle for power. Beyond Conflict explores the role gossip plays in stirring up conflict and drops into a robotics conference in South Korea to find the purpose of life. Take time to look beyond the conflict and find meaning in the bigger picture.

3. Beyond Pain

Do you want to live a life without pain? Although we don’t like it, pain is a vital part of life. Yet we challenge the reason for its existence when we ask questions like, Why do bad things happen to good people? or How could a loving God allow pain? Beyond Pain explores physical, mental and spiritual pain to reveal deeper, life changing issues. Pain doesn’t make sense if God is all-loving and all-powerful. Or does it?

4. Beyond Belief

Miraculously preserved for two millennia ancient scrolls contain a narrative that places our world in the middle of a cosmic drama. Beyond Belief looks for confirmation that what these text contain can be trusted as true. Explore Italy’s beautiful Waldensian Valley, Israel’s Qumran caves, and hear a first-hand account of a man tortured to the point of death for his beleif in what these ancient text contained.

5. Beyond Heroes

Everyone is searching for a hero. Some look to comics, celebrities, and even sports stars. Beyond Heroes investigates this theme at Comicon International in San Diego, behind the bars of a notorious gaol, and on the cobbled streets of old Jerusalem. Do we need a hero? Or are we looking for something much bigger? Who are the heroes you look up to? Do they really have your best interest at heart?

6. Beyond Lost

When you are lost, a GPS is helpful. But when you are trapped, you require a rescue plan. British yachtsman Tony Bullimore and two underground miners from Beaconsfield, Tasmania, share their amazing rescue stories and recount the joy of reunion with friends and family after their near-death experiences. Their stories take us beyond our local predicament to the epic rescue that planet Earth so desperately needs.

7. Beyond Guilt

We all have to deal with guilt at some point in our lives. Whether we do or not will either free us or take us deeper into entrapment of one king or another. Beyond Guilt talks with Emmanuel Jal, a child soldier in the Sudanese civil war, and reveals how he dealt with his guilt overload. Renowned psychologist, Dr Arch Hart, gives insights into the psychology of guilt, revealing the peace that lies beyond it.

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