Most people from your community would like to know more about your pastor(s). In their mind, the pastor represents your church and is the first person they will meet and interact with when they come to your church. Show the biography of the pastor(s) in your church. Meet our pastor(s) page is intended to display the life-path of the pastor, activities he engaged in, ministries he was involved in, how many years he has been in service of God, and other helpful information. This information will enable your website visitors to get to know one of the most influential leaders in your church. That will increase their trust, and they will be more confident to enter your local church.

Pat Green

Senior pastor

Pat is a former business owner who began his ministry in 2001. After years of faithful ministry, Pat became our Lead Pastor with a goal of finding ways in which the church will make a difference in the local community. Since then, Pat has served in leadership and pastoral roles. He is a frequent speaker and is passionately involved in evangelic activities. As a father of two children, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

John Seaver

Youth pastor

While attending university, John joined the Army where Jesus began to use him to reach people far from God. He began his ministry in 2010. Since then, John preached at churches and events around the world. John has had a quality full-time ministry experience as a pastor, Sabbath school lecturer, and traveling speaker. He, his wife Nandita, and their daughter Bree moved back home because they are willing and passionate about making Jesus known in their own city.

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