We are very grateful to God that our church has experienced God’s guidance since the very beginning of laying its foundations. This church has been recognized as a light to the community throughout all the past years of existing and serving God and our fellowmen. It made a difference in this aching world, and many people from various nationalities found their comfort and rest right here. It should always be remembered how God led us in the past so we would not fear and we would be encouraged for the future, knowing that God is faithful to fulfill His promises to His glory. With the Lord’s help, we have been pressing on to bring as many souls to Christ as possible.


In April 1955, the formal church organization was completed with 31 members. Among them were Amy Okimi, Kasue Okamura, Kyuoko Sakaguchi, George Sakurai, George Okamura, and David Okamura.


Under the leadership of Pastor and Mrs. Shibata, the church members realized the long-time dream to purchase a church building where they could worship. They bought the Yugoslavian Seventh-day Adventist Church on 19 Mortimer Ave. The price was $25,000. About 40 members made their pledges. Some members gave all the money they had saved for a trip to Japan, and another member gave all that he had saved to purchase a car. All members sacrificially gave offerings and could fully pay the mortgage in 5 years.


For all these years, we have continually been blessed and looking forward to the Coming of Christ and saving as many people as possible following Christ’s commission to save the lost.

To the pioneers of our church, brothers and sisters in Christ, loved ones, and friends, we thank you for making this church so unique.

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