The world is a better place when the people called by God to fulfill His purpose will minister to the needs of the people in their community. Little acts of kindness can have an enormous impact on changing our fellowmen’s lives. Unselfish deeds done to others are also done to Christ, through which the Lord is making you complete for every good work. May our hands be stretched out to the people having hardships, so they will recognize God’s hands working in their lives to draw them near, letting them know that He will also be here to provide spiritual treasures for them that will last for eternity.

Soup Kitchen

If God calls you to feed the hungry, give a drink to the thirsty, and serve the people who live in poverty, you can join us in making a difference in their lives. Whether cooking a meal, distributing, or serving food – we want to bring Christ’s mission to life!

Clothing Closet

Clothes are part of human dignity, and we don’t want anyone in our community to feel undignified due to clothes deficiency. Join us in the process of collecting, packing, and distributing gently used clothing to those in need.

ESL Bible Studies

Since many people in our community have English as a second language, we help them improve their English. In that process, we use the Bible as the primary textbook. You are more than welcome to join these noble activities.

Divorce Recovery

The vast majority of divorced people are broken on many levels, not just emotionally. You can join us as we pray to God to use us and through us to give comfort, healing, hope, and guidance to those who are going through that painful process.

Be a blessing to others just as God has blessed you! The Lord is calling you to serve the community’s needs so people can know the true God, Who is love, and Who loves unconditionally. On the following form, feel free to fill in the types of activities you would like to participate in.

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