Forgiveness of Sin Brings Healing, MAY 30

[May. 24 – May. 31 : A Sound Mind in a Sound Body]

Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits: who forgiveth all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases. Psalm 103:2, 3

The Saviour ministered to both the soul and the body. The gospel which He taught was a message of spiritual life and of physical restoration. Deliverance from sin and healing of disease were linked together. The same ministry is committed to the Christian physician. He is to unite with Christ in relieving both the physical and spiritual needs of his fellow men. He is to be to the sick a messenger of mercy, bringing to them a remedy for the diseased body and for the sin-sick soul.

When the poor paralytic was brought to the house where Jesus was teaching, a dense crowd surrounded the door, barring every way of access to the Saviour. But faith and hope had been kindled in the heart of the poor sufferer, and he proposed that his friends take him to the rear of the house, break up the roof, and let him down into the presence of Christ. The suggestion was acted upon; as the afflicted one lay at the feet of the mighty Healer, all that man could do for his restoration had been done. Jesus knew that the sufferer had been tortured with a sense of his sins, and that he must first find relief from this burden. With a look of tenderest compassion, the Saviour addressed him, not as a stranger, or even a friend, but as one who had even then been received into the family of God: “Son, be of good cheer; thy sins be forgiven thee.”

Many are suffering from maladies of the soul far more than from diseases of the body, and they will find no relief until they shall come to Christ, the wellspring of life. Complaints of weariness, loneliness, and dissatisfaction will then cease. Satisfying joys will give vigor to the mind and health and vital energy to the body.

Today Christ is feeling the woes of every sufferer…. He knows how to speak the word, “Be whole,” and bid the sufferer, “Go, and sin no more.”

Forgiveness of Sin Brings Healing, MAY 30
Health and Happiness, MAY 29
Kind Acts and Pleasant Words Promote Health, MAY 28
A Merry Heart Is Good Medicine, MAY 27
Peace Through a Consciousness of Rightdoing, MAY 26
Security in Christ Improves Health, MAY 25
The Body Is to be Servant of the Mind, MAY 24
Daniel an Example in Temperance, MAY 23
Regularity in Eating, MAY 22
Appropriate Attire, MAY 21
Temperate in Study, MAY 20
Do Not Turn Day Into Night, MAY 19
Temperate in Labor, MAY 18
Do All to the Glory of God, MAY 17
Enjoy God’s Created Works, MAY 16
Water, MAY 15
Sunlight, MAY 14
The Air We Breath, MAY 13
Outdoor Activity, MAY 12
Prosper and Be in Health, MAY 11
Preserve the Body Temple, MAY 10
Rest, MAY 9
A Nutritious Diet, MAY 8
Industry, MAY 7
Exercise, MAY 6
Cleanliness, MAY 5
God Made Man Upright, MAY 4
My Wonderful Body, MAY 3
Man Created in God’s Image, MAY 2
My Body Belongs to God, MAY 1
The Influence of a Christian Family, APRIL 30
The Influence of a Meek and Quiet Spirit, APRIL 29
A Saving Influence Over Associates and Unbelievers, APRIL 28
Be an Example to Fellow Believers, APRIL 27
Be Strong and Courageous, APRIL 26
Affections and Impulses Are Precious Talents, APRIL 25
God Gives Me Power to Do Good, APRIL 24
Strength is a Talent, APRIL 23
The Talent of Money, APRIL 22
The Talent of Time, APRIL 21
The Talent of Speech, APRIL 20
He Multiplies My Talents, APRIL 19
Nature, the Key to Unlock Treasure House of God’s Word, APRIL 18
Wisdom Shown by My Conversation, APRIL 17
Wisdom for My Work, APRIL 16
Keep Sound Wisdom and Discretion, APRIL 15
How to Gain Knowledge, APRIL 14
Wisdom Giveth Life, APRIL 13
The Beginning of Wisdom, APRIL 12
O God! Help Me to Higher Levels, APRIL 11
The Path of the Christian Leads to Heaven, APRIL 10
How to Grow in Grace, APRIL 9
Growth in Grace Begins at Home, APRIL 8
I Must Grow in Grace, APRIL 7
The Exceeding Riches of His Grace, APRIL 6
The Grace of God is for Me, APRIL 5
Add to Godliness Brotherly Kindness and Charity, APRIL 4
Add to Temperance Patience, APRIL 3
Add to Your Faith Virtue: and to Virtue Knowledge, APRIL 2
The Ladder of Christian Progress, APRIL 1
God Gives Power to Bear Every Trial, MARCH 31
God Has a Purpose in Every Affliction, MARCH 30
God Permits Trial and Affliction to Purify Me, MARCH 29
I Will Sing Unto the Lord, MARCH 28
I Will Keep a Song in My Heart, MARCH 27
I Will Love Good Books, MARCH 26
I Will Tune My Ear to Heaven, MARCH 25
I Will Seek the Good, That I May Live, MARCH 24
I Will Set No Wicked Thing Before Mine Eyes, MARCH 23
I Will Keep the Door of My Heart, MARCH 22
I Will Be a Christian at Home, MARCH 21
I Will Be Master of My Mind, MARCH 20
I Will Use Self-Control in Eating, MARCH 19
I Will Set a Watch Over My Lips, MARCH 18
I Will Love as Christ Loved, MARCH 17
I Live by God’s Rules, MARCH 16
I Keep My Body in Subjection, MARCH 15
Principle Not to Be Sacrificed for Peace, MARCH 14
Joseph, a Man of Principle, MARCH 13
Daniel Lived by Principle, MARCH 12
Christ’s Adherence to Principle, MARCH 11
Choose the Way of Truth, MARCH 10
Purity in This Corrupt Age, MARCH 9
Love Not the World, MARCH 8
Modern Heroes, MARCH 7
Youth Today, MARCH 6
Three Hebrew Worthies, MARCH 5
Stephen, the First Martyr, MARCH 4
Joseph, MARCH 3
Paul, MARCH 2
Esther, MARCH 1
The Whole Earth Will Be Lightened, FEBRUARY 28
I Want That Power, FEBRUARY 27
Witnessing With Power, FEBRUARY 26
Receiving the Power, FEBRUARY 25
Tarrying for Power, FEBRUARY 24
Preparing for Power, FEBRUARY 23
The Promise of Power, FEBRUARY 22
Meekness, FEBRUARY 21
Faith, FEBRUARY 20
Goodness, FEBRUARY 19
Gentleness, FEBRUARY 18
Long-Suffering, FEBRUARY 17
Joy and Peace, FEBRUARY 16
To Glorify Christ in Me, FEBRUARY 14
To Raise a Standard Against the Enemy, FEBRUARY 13
To Endow Me with Power from Above, FEBRUARY 12
To Transform My Character, FEBRUARY 11
To Bring All Things to My Remembrance, FEBRUARY 10
To Enlighten My Understanding, FEBRUARY 9
To Convict Me of Sin, FEBRUARY 8
Believe and Prosper, FEBRUARY 7
The Spirit of Prophecy—A Gift for Me, FEBRUARY 6
Truth Revealed by God’s Prophets, FEBRUARY 5
For the Unity of the Saints, FEBRUARY 4
For the Perfecting of the Saints, FEBRUARY 3
To Every One Is Given a Gift, FEBRUARY 2
God’s Gift of the Spirit, FEBRUARY 1
Abraham Built an Altar Wherever He Went, JANUARY 31
Timothy’s Life a Result of Family Religion, JANUARY 30
Worship God and Be at Peace, JANUARY 29
Confess Your Faults One to Another, JANUARY 28
Bow Before God, JANUARY 27
Teach Them Diligently, JANUARY 26
Morning and Evening Worship, JANUARY 25
A Treasure in My Heart, JANUARY 24
My Light, JANUARY 23
Food for My Soul, JANUARY 22
My Counsellor and Guide, JANUARY 21
The Bible Begets New Life, JANUARY 20
The Bible Stands without a Peer, JANUARY 19
Search the Scriptures, JANUARY 18
Mother’s Prayers, JANUARY 17
Examples of Prayer Life, JANUARY 16
Find God Through Prayer, JANUARY 15
Power in Prayer, JANUARY 14
Pray Always, JANUARY 13
Prayer Never Out of Place, JANUARY 12
Pray in the Morning, JANUARY 11
God Shall Supply My Need, JANUARY 10
The Touch of Faith, JANUARY 9
Doubting Nothing, JANUARY 8
One with God Through Faith, JANUARY 7
Have Faith in God, JANUARY 6
All Things Are Possible, JANUARY 5
Ask in Faith, JANUARY 4
I Give My Heart, JANUARY 3
I Consecrate My All, JANUARY 2
The Way of Righteousness Is Life, JANUARY 1
I Press Toward the Mark, DECEMBER 31
Why the Great Controversy Was Permitted, DECEMBER 30
I Shall Meet My Guardian Angel, DECEMBER 29
The Veil Will Be Drawn Aside, DECEMBER 28
Privilege Of Open Communion With God, DECEMBER 27
Worship Together, DECEMBER 26
Listen to the Angel Choir, DECEMBER 25
Travel to Worlds Afar, DECEMBER 24
Christ Will Teach the Redeemed, DECEMBER 23
Study God’s Wisdom Throughout Eternity, DECEMBER 22
Harmonious Social Life, DECEMBER 21
Labor for Pleasure and Enjoyment, DECEMBER 20
The Glories of Our Heavenly Home, DECEMBER 19
At the Marriage Supper, DECEMBER 18
Eat of the Tree of Life, DECEMBER 17
A Beautiful Country, DECEMBER 16
We Shall Recognize Each Other, DECEMBER 15
Families Will Be Reunited, DECEMBER 14
As Heirs, We Inherit the Kingdom, DECEMBER 13
No More Sin, DECEMBER 12
Victory Over Death, DECEMBER 11
Given a White Robe of Righteousness, DECEMBER 10
Christ Presents Me With a Crown and Harp, DECEMBER 9
Christ’s Coronation Day, DECEMBER 8
Christ Himself Comes for Us, DECEMBER 7
God’s People Delivered, DECEMBER 6
Be Ready and Waiting, DECEMBER 5
Walk by Faith, DECEMBER 4
Walk With God Continually, DECEMBER 3
Keep the Commandments, DECEMBER 2
Make Your Calling and Election Sure, DECEMBER 1
God’s Promises Are for Me, NOVEMBER 30
Not One Word of His Promise Has Failed, NOVEMBER 29
With Peace, NOVEMBER 28
With Christlike Words and Deeds, NOVEMBER 27
With Love, NOVEMBER 26
With Liberality, NOVEMBER 25
With Humility, NOVEMBER 24
With Truthfulness, NOVEMBER 23
With Honesty, NOVEMBER 22
None Greater Than John the Baptist, NOVEMBER 21
Job Knew That His Redeemer Lived, NOVEMBER 20
Jeremiah’s Declaration of Thanksgiving, NOVEMBER 19
Paul’s Shout of Victory, NOVEMBER 18
Christians in All Ages Have Overcome, NOVEMBER 17
Christ Overcame the World, NOVEMBER 16
Christ’s Victory as Complete as Adam’s Failure, NOVEMBER 15
Hold Fast, NOVEMBER 14
Walk in the Light, NOVEMBER 13
Be Steadfast, Unmovable, NOVEMBER 12
First Victories Won in the Home, NOVEMBER 11
The Will is the Deciding Power, NOVEMBER 10
Through Christ There is Victory, NOVEMBER 9
In Christ There is Strength, NOVEMBER 8
The Sword of the Spirit, NOVEMBER 7
The Helmet of Salvation, NOVEMBER 6
The Shield of Faith, NOVEMBER 5
Feet Shod with Gospel of Peace, NOVEMBER 4
The Breastplate of Righteousness, NOVEMBER 3
Loins Girt About with Truth, NOVEMBER 2
Put on the Whole Armor of God, NOVEMBER 1
Angels Holding the Four Winds, OCTOBER 31
Angels Are Preparing Me for Eternity, OCTOBER 30
Peter Delivered by an Angel, OCTOBER 29
Angels Employ My Hands to Do His Work, OCTOBER 28
Angels Join Me in Soul Winning, OCTOBER 27
Angels in My Daily Life, OCTOBER 26
My Guardian Angel, OCTOBER 25
Christ in Me the Hope of Glory, OCTOBER 24
Christ Tempted as We Are, OCTOBER 23
Christ Was Obedient, OCTOBER 22
Jesus as a Youth, OCTOBER 21
Christ My Elder Brother, OCTOBER 20
Christ Is My Perfect Example, OCTOBER 19
Abundant Life in Christ, OCTOBER 18
God in Nature, OCTOBER 17
God is All in All, OCTOBER 16
God Cares for Me, OCTOBER 15
God Sees Me, OCTOBER 14
God Is With Me, OCTOBER 13
God Is My Father, OCTOBER 12
He Is a Living God, OCTOBER 11
Reverence for the Sabbath, OCTOBER 10
Reverence for the House of God, OCTOBER 9
Reverence for God’s Representatives, OCTOBER 8
Reverence in the Home, OCTOBER 7
Reverence for the Word of God, OCTOBER 6
Reverence for God’s Name, OCTOBER 5
Reverence for God, OCTOBER 4
Respect for Authority, OCTOBER 3
Respect for the Aged, OCTOBER 2
Respect For Parents, OCTOBER 1
Strength From Above, SEPTEMBER 30
Dwell Together in Unity, SEPTEMBER 29
Christ Dwells in Me, SEPTEMBER 28
Partakers Through God’s Promises, SEPTEMBER 27
Saints Shall Possess the Kingdom, SEPTEMBER 26
Clothed in the Robe of Righteousness, SEPTEMBER 25
Perfection, the Goal to Be Gained, SEPTEMBER 24
God Loves Most a Beautiful Character, SEPTEMBER 23
Righteous Shall Live Forever, SEPTEMBER 22
Characters Polished After the Similitude of a Palace, SEPTEMBER 21
The Work of a Lifetime, SEPTEMBER 20
Truth Will Triumph Gloriously, SEPTEMBER 19
Truth Transforms, SEPTEMBER 18
Truth Enlightens, SEPTEMBER 17
Truth Purifies, SEPTEMBER 16
Truth Elevates, SEPTEMBER 15
Truth Sanctifies, SEPTEMBER 14
Christ is the Truth, SEPTEMBER 13
The Lord Sanctifies Sabbathkeepers, SEPTEMBER 12
Lives of John and Judas Contrasted, SEPTEMBER 11
John’s Love and Loyalty, SEPTEMBER 10
Steadfast Integrity of the Three Hebrews, SEPTEMBER 9
Enoch’s Life of Holiness, SEPTEMBER 8
Daniel’s Life of Temperance, SEPTEMBER 7
Meek Men and Women, SEPTEMBER 6
Christ Sanctified Himself for Me, SEPTEMBER 5
The Fruits of Sanctification, SEPTEMBER 4
Sanctified Through Obedience, SEPTEMBER 3
A Practical Example of Sanctification, SEPTEMBER 2
Wholly Sanctified: Body, Soul, and Spirit, SEPTEMBER 1
I May Shine as the Stars for Ever and Ever, AUGUST 31
My Spirituality Strengthened and Health Improves, AUGUST 30
Remember Especially Needy Church Members, AUGUST 29
A Father to the Poor, AUGUST 28
Be Eyes to the Blind; Feet to the Lame, AUGUST 27
Relieve the Oppressed, AUGUST 26
Clothe the Naked, AUGUST 25
Deal My Bread to the Hungry, AUGUST 24
Visit Fatherless and Widows, AUGUST 23
Sing and Pray With My Neighbors, AUGUST 22
Be Full of Compassion, AUGUST 21
Have an Understanding Heart, AUGUST 20
Be Kind and Tenderhearted, AUGUST 19
Save Myself by Saving Others, AUGUST 18
Speak the Truth to My Neighbor, AUGUST 17
Who is My Neighbor?, AUGUST 16
Do Good on the Sabbath, AUGUST 15
Work for the Needy, AUGUST 14
Work for Prominent Men and Women, AUGUST 13
Work for the Children, AUGUST 12
Give Men and Women the Water of Life, AUGUST 11
Relieve Suffering Humanity, AUGUST 10
Jesus Came to Serve, AUGUST 9
Restore the Old Paths, AUGUST 8
God Supplies the Resources, AUGUST 7
A Little Maid Witnesses for God, AUGUST 6
Abound in Love at Home and Abroad, AUGUST 5
Let Your Light Shine, AUGUST 4
Work Diligently for God, AUGUST 3
Be Zealous of Good Works, AUGUST 2
God Makes Me Perfect in Every Good Work, AUGUST 1
Associate With Those Who Love God, JULY 31
Walk Not in the Way With Sinners, JULY 30
Walk in the Way of Good Men, JULY 29
God Gives Us the Good, JULY 28
No One Lives to Himself, JULY 27
Recreation Refreshes and Invigorates, JULY 26
Jonathan and David, JULY 25
The Friendship Between Paul and Timothy, JULY 24
Jesus and His Friends at Bethany, JULY 23
Visiting with One Another, JULY 22
Take a Day in the Country, JULY 21
Righteousness Enriches Life, JULY 20
To Have Friends We Must Be Friendly, JULY 19
Let Visitors Join in Family Worship, JULY 18
The Home Should Be a Refuge for the Youth, JULY 17
Make the Home a Blessing to Others, JULY 16
Hold the Family Together by Affection, JULY 15
Happy Companionship Together, JULY 14
Father’s Heart Turned to His Children, JULY 13
Children Love Mother’s Companionship, JULY 12
Kind Speech, JULY 11
Cheerfulness, JULY 10
Hospitality, JULY 9
Thoughtful of Others, JULY 8
Christian Courtesy, JULY 7
True Refinement, JULY 6
How Pleasant Are Words Fitly Spoken, JULY 5
Be Sympathetic to All Men, JULY 4
Love Friend and Foe Alike, JULY 3
Love People as Christ Loved Them, JULY 2
Jesus an Example in Social Relationships, JULY 1
Doubt Not, JUNE 30
Fear Not, JUNE 29
Weep Not, JUNE 28
Trust Means Security, JUNE 27
Perfect Peace, JUNE 26
Say Nothing That Will Wound or Grieve, JUNE 25
Love Heals Many Wounds, JUNE 24
Kindness the Mark of a Christian, JUNE 23
A Merry Heart Makes a Cheerful Countenance, JUNE 22
Peace and Assurance, JUNE 21
The Beauties of Nature, JUNE 20
Sing and the World Sings with You, JUNE 19
Loving Thoughtfulness in the Home, JUNE 18
Faithful in the Little Things of Life, JUNE 17
Thanksgiving and Praise, JUNE 16
Gratitude, JUNE 15
Contentment, JUNE 14
Being Good and Doing Good, JUNE 13
Patient Continuance in Well-Doing, JUNE 12
Rejoice and Do Good, JUNE 11
The Golden Rule, JUNE 10
Willing and Obedient, JUNE 9
Delight to Do God’s Will, JUNE 8
Obedience, JUNE 7
The Happiest People in the World, JUNE 6
The Bible Shows the Way to True Happiness, JUNE 5
Wisdom and Understanding Bring Happiness, JUNE 4
No Real Joy Apart From Christ, JUNE 3
Christ Within the Source of Happiness, JUNE 2
Remember Your Creator in Your Youth, JUNE 1
A Prescription for Healing of All Ills, MAY 31

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